Chinese nuclear market

China is currently dominating the world nuclear industry in terms of number of new reactors under construction. China is currently the largest nuclear market for new built program.

China currently have 18 nuclear reactors connected into the grid, representing over 14 GW of capacity, 28 others under construction and much more planned.

Since the Fukushima accident in Japan in 2011 that arouses the awareness of the safety culture in the nuclear industry. China took strict measures such as inspection and checks of all current operational nuclear power plants, and a temporarily suspension of new approval nuclear power plant while considering a new roadmap for the Chinese nuclear program.

Since 2013, China will focus on GEN-III technology such as those imported technology AP1000 and the EPR, meanwhile developing its own GEN-III like the CAP1400, ACPR1000, ACP1000.

Nuclear industry is a complex industry, nuclear safety being the first priority in any new nuclear project. Therefore the goal of NuclearEvent is to be the main reference for specialized conference dedicated to the nuclear industry by introduce specific topic related to the nuclear industry. We  bring participants to access of the latest information about the Chinese nuclear industry.

Our specialized nuclear conference thematic includes : Chinese nuclear program, nuclear equipments, nuclear waste treatment, nuclear power plant maintenance, nuclear safety plan.

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Asie Energie Ltd is a consulting company specialised in providing a sales support for European companies specialized in nuclear products and services in China. They are our nuclear advisor helping us to select the right topic for our customer. We can rely on their network built in China and overseas to bring the best nuclear event in China. Please find more information about their services via their website:



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