China Nuclear waste treatment and transportation conference

Beijing 25th November 2013

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By 2020, China is supposed to produce additional 40 GWe from its nuclear fleet. With the current new built program, which add yearly around 1000 T produced by the Chinese nuclear power plant.

As China decided to close the fuel cycle, a new market will emerge about waste treatment, nuclear spent fuel transportation. China is currently investing is several reprocessing project such as Lanzhou Nuclear Fuel Complex (50 T/year) or the pilot MOX fuel 40T/year program from CIAE to be operated around 2018.

Meanwhile AREVA and CNNC recently signed on April 2013 an industrial agreement aiming to build a large scale reprocessing plant 800T/year beginning around 2020. All those spent fuel and nuclear waste generated from the nuclear power plant will need to be transported to reprocessing project, storage facilities and research institutes.

Everclean from CNNC the only institute in China in charge of the waste management is currently doing the transportation of the spent fuel from DayaBay to Diwopu with casks from NAC International.

Join this conference to understand the future Chinese market of spent fuel reprocessing, casks, and nuclear waste transportation.With the growing number of Chinese nuclear power plant, the waste produced by the plant will need to treated, and transport to reprocessing plant.