• Nuclear industry

    China energy demand is increasing rapidly, the nuclear power is one of the solution to solve the energy demand. However the particularity of the nuclear industry is the high awareness of the nuclear safety culture. We have decided to focus only on nuclear topic by bringing small scale and efficient event. By doing this, we believe we can connect experience suppliers to customer needs and enhance in a way the safety culture of the Chinese nuclear industry.

  • Chinese Nuclear Supply Chain Conference

    Haiyan, 23th October 2015.

  • Nuclear decontamination, decommissioning and waste treatment conference

    Join our dedicated conference about decontamination, decommisioning and nuclear waste treatment technology. Learn the lastest project about Chinese dismantling project and learn about Chinese future needs in terms of decommissioning technology.

    Beijing, 24th-25th November 2014

  • Nuclear Maintenance Equipment and Technology Suppliers Conference

    With more and more NPPs get connected to the grid, China will need more and more service companies for their maintenance activities.

    Haiyan, 10h-11th July 2014

  • Img

    Nuclear waste treatment and transportation conference

    With the number of Chinese nuclear power plant increasing, China will inevitably have to transport and treat its waste generated by the nuclear power plant.

    Beijing, 25th November 2013