Nuclear decontamination, decommissioning and waste treatment conference

Beijing 24th-25th November 2014

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China is getting more and more nuclear power plants, with the aging of the very first plants such as DayaBay and Qinshan, China is generating more and more nuclear waste from its nuclear fleet.

During the lifetime of the nuclear power plant, decontamination is often required to decontaminate area, equipments, tools and protect workers during maintenance intervention. Meanwhile all the maintenance interventions generate nuclear waste: LLW such as gloves, cloths are generated in large quantities, however HLW such as spent fuel have to be treated with care. Various of equipment such as casks, press, drums, hot cells, glove boxes are used during a treatment process.

Finally China is already prepared to be ready for the futur dismantling of its reactors, the first to be dismantled would be the Qinshan unit 1 in 2020, many Chinese institutions are already investing in R&D to develop dismantling technologies which would be applied first on research reactors under decommissioning.

Join this conference to get all the lastest information of the future Chinese market of decontamination, waste treatment and dismantling. Meet the Chinese research institutes, Chinese nuclear power plants, product suppliers and services companies.